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Oakbog provides expert, experienced Apple Macintosh, iPhone & iPad help and technical support services in the Greater Boston area, for individuals and small businesses. Onsite, phone and remote assistance is available. Proprietor Adam Rosen (RESUMÉ) is an MIT graduate, Apple Certified Consultant and IT specialist with over 30 years of experience on the Mac. Oakbog specializes in supporting all things Apple, and is home of the Vintage Mac Museum. Let us put our knowledge to work for you.

Professional Services Include the Following Areas:

Latest Blog Posts

Help, My Startup Disk Is Almost Full!

06 April 2015

One issue I hear about regularly from clients is the startup disk getting full. When the boot drive starts running out of space the system slows down and you see the beachball cursor more often. When space gets critically low, a message is . . .

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Taking Mac Screen Snapshots

04 April 2015

Sometimes it’s helpful to save a picture of your Mac’s screen, or a portion of the screen, for a project, as a receipt or for other reference. The Mac provides several ways to do this right from your keyboard. Hit the . . .

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